The Art of Portraying Workshops

Photographic Workshops
"The Art Of Portraying" in Quito


Intensive Practical Workshops with Polish Photographer and amazing Model Andrea !


There are hundreds of books and publications regarding technical aspects of photography... We are not going to repeat all of that what already have been written!

We are going to focus only on practical aspects of portraying based on our experience. The group is small 6 - 9 persons, so everyone will have time to work with the model individually!


SATURDAY 21st November (11 a.m. - 2 / 3 p.m.)

1. Portfolio Review (Discussion)

  • What do your pictures speak out?
  • How other people see them?
  • 2. Communication in Photography (Presentation)

  • How to communicate with the model?
  • How to create an atmosphere during the session?
  • How to show emotions in portraits?

  •     Lunch Break

    3. Illumination (Group Workshops)

  • How to use daylight in Portraying?
  • How light influences an appearance of the model?
  • 4. Final Discussion

  • Which pictures select for the portfolio?
  • Time for Questions.

  • SUNDAY 22nd November

    Individual sessions with the model.

    Every person will have 20 - 30 minutes to work with the model individually during the sessions between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

    The Art of Portraying Image


    The Art of Portraying Image


    The Art of Portraying Image



           Digital Camera min. 8 MPx
           Feeling comfortable with its manual  mode

    Every person will be asked to print 3 - 5 own best pictures in order to perform "Portfolio Review" during the course.

    The Art of Portraying Image

      SATURDAY and SUNDAY 21st - 22nd NOVEMBER 2015
    Quito, La Ronda  (cafeteria "Leña Quiteña").

    Cost 89$
    Two days of Practical Workshops in a group of 6 - 9 persons.

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       +593 986 360 120.


    The Art of Portraying