Getting inspired is crucial for every artist. However, it's easy to lose the inspiration due to everyday stress in our busy lives...

Here are My Simple 10 TIPS how to keep being inspired. I hope you will find them helpful as they are working out for me!

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1. Always take Your Camera with you.

If you see something interesting then experiment. Try different settings, angles, and perspectives until you feel satisfied with the outcome. However, if there is nothing interesting to capture don't make a picture only because you are grabbing the camera. It's better to come back with no pictures, then with thousands of ones with no value!

2. Travel by Yourself.

It's the best way to discover unusual places and meet different people. No one will push you where to go and you will have as much time as you need to focus on getting the best results.

3. Take a Look Around.

You don't need to follow common paths. Believe me there are already hundreds pictures of them. Instead try to go into the forgotten streets and keep your eyes open! You may see something, that didn't call attention of anyone before...

4. Go meet Friends living Out of the City.

In rural areas you may find a lot of photogenic places which are natural and stunning. Moreover, I am sure that your friend will be happy to help you as a guide.

5. Make New Friends

This way you can invite the interesting faces for photo-sessions. People with no experience in modeling can give you the opportunity to get extraordinary shots. Most portraits I did were taken this way, and the outcome was spectacular.

6. Interact with People.

You can ask questions, share unusual stories, or tell jokes instead of requesting a smile. It's also good to give some creative tasks to do. This way you will buy their trust and make them feel comfortable in front of camera.

7. Smile.

Often people whom we meet reflect ourselves. If you have a positive attitude, people around you will also feel good. A simple smile can open many doors.

8. Join the Photographic Networks.

Visit an art galleries or search for new ideas in internet. There are several photographic communities available online such as DeviantART, 500px, Flickr, or groups on Facebook. You don't need to copy someone else ideas, but you can get inspired by watching and create something new.

9. Select the Best Pictures

Right after coming back from shooting. Choosing the good ones is one of the most important parts in the creative process of photography. Nowadays, with a digital camera you can make hundreds of pictures without spending money on photographic films and making copies. Therefore, selecting good ones is a crucial step. Every picture is carrying an emotional factor which is reflecting your relation with photographed object. That's why it is very important to select the best of your work when the mood is still in the air.

10. Share your work Online.

You can do it via social networks, photographic communities, or by using your own website. Enjoy the reactions of fans, but also be resistant to the critics. There are always some people which think that they know better. If you feel that you are right, stand up and keep your style!