The pictures from the photo-reportage have been taken just after Bloody Thursday when more than 100 people were killed by a sniper.

President Viktor Yanukovych didn't sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. Instead, he signed the Accession to the Customs Union with Russia. As a result young Ukrainians gathered in Kiev's Maidan. They wanted to open a discussion about democracy with the Government.

In response Viktor Yanukovych sent the Special Police Force to violently suppress the protests. They beat everyone; women, teenagers, even one pregnant girl. That caused mass demonstrations and a wave of violence from both sides. Activists had been fighting for European Ukraine for months and forced the government to change. Unfortunately, that didn't solve their problems. Now they have to defend the country from Russian military actions which are taking part on the east border.

Despite what was shown in the media, Ukrainians were very hospitable. They were welcoming us warmly, sharing their thoughts, offering hot tea, chocolate, and candies. They even found a place for us to stay in one of the information centres.

The Ukrainian family that gave us hospitality were architects with a house full of paintings. That was such a big surprise! To be able to be in the centre of revolution and to know people's worries first hand.

The photo-reportage below is a memorial regarding the events which took place in Ukraine in March 2014.

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